Halloween (November 1) is to commemorate the saints of all the festivals to celebrate the arrival of Halloween, children will be dressed as a variety of lovely ghosts door by door to knock on the door, ask for candy, otherwise it will be mischief. People have to decorate the home to create a terrorist atmosphere, held Halloween party. So how can we create the kind of Halloween atmosphere? Starting from the light is a very good choice.

  The following recommended 13 decorative lights, for the seller Halloween options to provide some suggestions

1, black line light string plus LED bulbs,
 these 6 feet long foot lights arranged in the mantelpiece, desktop or door, to your room to add some haunted forest feeling. LED small light bulb will be issued a strange orange halo.

2, Brite Star flashing flame light
These flashes of flames can add horror to your house - safer than a real candle.
3, zombie invasion projection
Movie projector can also be an important props! If the home has a large window facing the front yard or roadside, hang a white curtain, or opaque shower curtain, and then play zombie invading the movie. Outdoor effect, absolutely can give candy children a "surprise".

4, ghost lights
Than the horror, these ghost lights even more lovely, can create a joy to the children Halloween party atmosphere.
5, weird purple light string
If you want to find strange light jewelry, this purple LED string may be a good choice. They are battery-powered and can be placed anywhere, on fireplaces or bookshelves, creating a mysterious or creepy atmosphere.

6, Halloween cat eye light Each cat's eyes have 15 tiny light bulbs, issued orange-yellow light, can be hung in the porch or dark hall.
7, Halloween limbs hanging candle
Horror of the Halloween night, how can this less broken limbs? Place this hanging candle (battery-powered) in the living room, the toilet, or any other place where party guests can scream.
8, "Palm Reader" neon lights
Hanging on the wall to do decoration is very beautiful, palm India has been flashing, eye-catching.
9, light of the skull road signs
If this year's Halloween, you want to highlight the outdoor decoration, you can use these skull road sign lights, the children lead to your door.
10, power pumpkin lights
This kind of pumpkin light looks like a paper paste, issued a warm halo to decorate the indoor or outdoor party. In fact, they are made of durable man-made fibers, safely emitting light, and not noticeable.
11, Edison flame bulb
This Halloween light string, can issue a candle-like flame light, but do not have to worry about harm to children and pets. The light string is 16 feet long and can be well arranged in the surrounding environment.
12, outdoor animation projector
Put this projector on the lawn, open a horror Halloween light show show. 6 horrible ghost face, showing 20 feet away, what is the feeling?
13, Halloween ghost fire green flash
With this faint green light, so that the yard or the house is even more gloomy. Whether it's a stroboscope or a fixed light, it can make a "trick-or-treaters" frightened at Halloween

The combination of shirt and jeans shorts almost runs through the three seasons of spring, summer and fall. The appearance rate is high. It not only retains the ability of the shirt, but also creates the perfect leg to kill! The neutral single product is sexy and feminine, and stylish.

A man's shirt no longer belongs to a man. When a woman is wearing a shirt and playing cool, there is no man. And women wear shirts, all kinds of matching, breaking the shirt's formal and serious feeling, more fashionable, wear law also emerge in endlessly. Shirts have long been included in the fashionable items, almost a few hands. Today we'll see how good the shirt goes with the jeans!

White shirt collocation blue denim shorts, blue and white collocation is the most common color, simple and refreshing summer, so that the visual nerve is the most comfortable, plus a variety of semi tied personality to wear, even Zhuangshan can also make you stand out. Neutral handsome, with a free and easy taste.

In a loose white shirt with jeans and shorts and pants, it's sexy if you're wearing a boyfriend's shirt. Leg glance!

Red shirt collocation blue denim shorts, contrasting colors with sense of visual impact, collocation together easily attract attention, earn enough to lead, but also comes with deep red retro style.

In recent years, the collocation of the same color has become more and more popular. Blue with blue seems simple, but because of the difference in hue, it can create a rich sense of layering. Blue shirt or cowboy shirt with jeans shorts, so that a refreshing sense of vision double.

Plaid Shirt lattice control ultimately, all kinds of pattern to create the style is not the same, perhaps, feeling, perhaps is a retro style, perhaps is the literary style. Collocation denim shorts can inject sexy taste for whole body LOOK, and some with joy.

Sunscreen shirt shirt style, slim and elegant yet retain neutral handsome shirt, summer is covered with a cover you UV damage, and jeans let the whole body shape more rich and colorful.

Not only blue denim shorts, black and white color denim shorts are also very popular, because the color is more all-match more simple.

H&M Studio 2017 winter series recently exposed, this season is the continuation of the previous Studio series with tailoring and comfortable fabric characteristics, and the distinctive and design sense of the contour, the other part of New York's creativity and vitality, fully meet the modern women's wardrobe needs, street personality elements will blend perfectly with elegant design style.

This series of single product contains elegant dresses, sweaters, large size modified PU cotton jacket and other single product, can show a variety of different personality, and different style and single product through mutual supplement, color and material to create a structure more vivid, and a new, fearless attitude, demonstration the elegant are women can be very handsome, very personal for us!

Fast fashion brand H&M in garment accessories always have new features, but many people seem to ignore the H&M in pajamas series, but also has a certain level of design and quality, in terms of price is more amiable and easy of approach. H&M's new "boudoir beauty" in pajamas series, the woman's inner beauty with comfortable and sexy, create the most addictive single product.

H&M uses a thin fabric, with lace and embroidery yarn, and metal buckles, creating a series of push up bra, underwear, no rims bra, vest type jumpsuit and complete sets of comfortable underpants and so on, mainly in a low-key, black, red, dry powder, bare rose, Purple Lilac, convey soft elegance temperament, also let a woman can show the most confident and charming sexy charm in the boudoir.